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Rate my Body administration works hard to promote a friendly environment to all members, and as the RMB has grown, the forums have become a popular and dominant part of the site.

In order to up the atmosphere our forums currently promote, we require and expect full user cooperation.

Below is a series of guidelines designed to allow everyone to best enjoy his or her forum experience.

Be kind and welcoming to all posters, even and especially the newbies.

Debate ideas, not the person posting the ideas. Flaming, bashing, insulting and bullying ruins the forum environment and will not be tolerated.

Respect other users’ privacy. Post pictures of other members only after gaining their consent. Refrain from posting personal information (telephone numbers, addresses, etc.) about other members.

Passing around photos of members through usage of Instant Messages will also not be tolerated without the subject's permission.

Share sexually explicit images using a link rather than a picture. This can only be done if the subject of the image is over the age of 18. Nude or sexually explicit images of a subject under the age of 18 will not be tolerated in picture or link form.

The RMB Forums are not the appropriate place to advertise a website or product.

Spamming and flooding the forums will not be tolerated.

If you see any of the above regulations being broken by a poster, please contact administration immediately and it will be dealth with accordingly.

RMB administration reserves the right to alter or remove any post or thread present in the forums should it contain content deemed inappropriate.

In order to maintain the ambience we take pride in, it’s necessary for all posters to obey these guidelines. A warning will result from violation of these guidelines, but we will not waste time warning the same individual twice.

Thank you all for your forum contributions and support for RMB.
We love you!

- RMB Administration