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Reference Guide For RMB Live Top Charts User guide for using the RMB Live Top Charts Plugin
To add our charts to your site, simply add the following code to your page

This particular design allows the user to see the actual pictures of our top members. It has the same attributes from the first, plus two more.



Our URL exposes different attributes which you can use to customize the look of the charts. We have included a number of style sheet properties which you can easily modify yourself. Just use the default url that is shown above and input your prefered color and font size. Here is a breakdown of all the attributes available for customization.

Instructions For Customizing Layouts

  • head
  • - Controls the color of the head cell
  • headColor
  • - Controls color of head text
  • head2
  • - Controls color of head2 cell
  • odd
  • - Controls color of cell
  • even
  • - Controls color of cell
  • bgColor
  • - Controls background color of table, and also determines the color of the borders if borders are chosen
  • a
  • - Controls the color of the links
  • aHover
  • - Controls the color of the link when the mouse moves over it
  • textDecoration
  • - Controls wheather or not a url is underlined eg. None,underlined
  • fontSize
  • - Controls the size of the text in pixels eg. 10px,12px,20px
  • fontFamily
  • - Controls the style of the font eg. verdana
  • color
  • - Controls the color of the place numbers
  • cellSpacing
  • - if set to greater than 0, will add borders around the table
  • cellPadding
  • - Controls the amount of space between text and its cell
Available only with picture layout.
  • borderStyle
  • - Controls the border style of the pictures. eg. Solid, Dashed, None
  • borderColor
  • - Controls the color of the border around the pictures