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54 / 5.055
Age - 20 - Single
honesty, loyalty, sense of humor. intelligence, and all around levels of intriging things
267 / 4.827
102. Bonny
Age - 18 - Single
military is a plus, likes adrenaline rush
248 / 7.826
Age - 18 - Single
Nice personality, and has to be something I can look at.
47 / 4.393
Age - 22 - Recently Dumped and horny
Fun, athletic, hot, not ex wife
49 / 3.336
105. gttylab
Age - 19 - Single
care about their appearance, mental connection
48 / 2.593
Age - 40 - Divorced
compassion, humor, honesty
53 / 4.188
Age - 23 - Casually Dating
522 / 7.074
Age - 18 - Single
you gotta have Beautiful Eyes! Thats a MAJOR turn on for me! also has to have a great body. sweet, honest and know how to have a good time
55 / 3.845
Age - 19 - Single
sense of humor, gets along with my friends, likes me for me and not what i have, is willing to be separated for long periods of time(military), ok with playing video games
48 / 4.114
Age - 18 - Single
they are themselves, not a drama queen, smart funny good sence of humor
48 / 4.156
111. Thrill
Age - 19 - Single
Attractive, Athletic, Nice Body, Intelligent, Likes to Party
414 / 6.670
112. nfg9606
Age - 21 - Casually Dating
ask me...i will be glad to tell you!!!
326 / 5.472
Age - 19 - Single
Someone who doesn't listen to gosep and asks before they assume, Sweet, honest, cute, someone who will stick by me no matter what, and like me for me
66 / 5.219
Age - 16 - Single
Someone who doesnt judge and accepts me for who i am and shit
75 / 5.033
Age - 16 - Single
sweet, you know the normal things, oh yes just asked me and I'll tell you another one
Not Rated
Age - 19 - Single
327 / 4.929
117. Kirdy
Age - 21 - In a Serious Relationship
i tend to go for guys with dark hair, dark eyes, full lips and treasure trails! ;) but sincerely, i just want an average romeo.what girl doesn't? just someone who treats me well and is genuine ;)
51 / 3.980
Age - 17 - Single
truthful and kind and caring
60 / 4.325
Age - 18 - Single
59 / 3.805
Age - 17 - Single
CONVERSATION, someone who likes to laugh and have fun being themselves, very original and funny

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