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Age - 42 - Casually Dating
Im looking for someone who is real instead of real pretty. i married real pretty and it sucked. Honesty, Honesty, Honesty. Id rather be slapped with the truth than kissed by a lie. Intelligence, Humor, Wisdom, a woman who can reload her own ammo lol, if youre not a dog lover keep steppinlooking for someone real not real pretty. I already married real pretty and it sucked. no drama. My life is simple. I have no kids, no stalker exes and no debts. HONESTY HONESTY HONESTY. Don't tell me what you think I want to hear. Im into anything outdoors except sports. love concerts and coffee, rockabilly, abandoned buildings, and flowing water. I love dogs and nature. Im not materialistic or shallow. More into life than money. Im spiritual, not religiou
Not Rated
Age - 20 - Single
attractive, and fun.
1 / 10
Age - 26 - Single
sexy, funny, smart, athletic, cleanliness, etc.
7 / 3.714
Age - 37 - Single
fun loving and no lies
5 / 1.8
Age - 22 - Casually Dating
open minded willin to try new things and not stuck up
14 / 3.392
Age - 37 - Recently Dumped and horny
22 / 5.931
7. Dent
Age - 23 - Undisclosed
Not Rated
Age - 24 - Single
tell you later im me
Not Rated
Age - 32 - Casually Dating
someone who is honest and cool to b around
27 / 5.870
Age - 22 - Undisclosed
46 / 4.510
Age - 20 - Single
59 / 5.466
Age - 24 - Casually Dating
I'm a pretty simple man. I need a perrsonality that can be both silly and serious also I need someone who is honest. Thats about it i mean of course I would have to be attracted to you I mean it is the first thing people notice. But its not a huge importance
Not Rated
Age - 30 - Undisclosed
45 / 3.277
Age - 33 - Undisclosed
301 / 4.098
Age - 16 - In a Serious Relationship
Someone who likes to work out and understands me and it really outogoing

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