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Age - 40 - Divorced
non judggemental, good sense of humor,
Not Rated
Age - 18 - Undisclosed
Nice smile, Nice Body,nice eyes, Dark hair, can make me laugh, someone i can trust, smells nice, not get bored off, affectionate and has the same intrests as me
27 / 4.185
Age - 23 - Undisclosed
45 / 3.888
Age - 20 - Single
45 / 2.144
Age - 18 - Undisclosed
attitude eyes i love eyes lol legs
221 / 4.556
Age - 18 - Single
average it really doesnt matter but you have got to be a nice guyand just ready to go
223 / 3.928
Age - 18 - Looking for casual fling
nice, fun, respectful
45 / 2.988
Age - 18 - Single
gotta have a nice body and a good personality
45 / 4.644
Age - 22 - In a Serious Relationship
good hair, someone who looks deep inside me as i look into them, realizes forever means forever, no games, and no pretending to be someone they are not.
318 / 7.210
Age - 18 - Single
Guys that are nice..sweet..cute and have a great body! ;)
Not Rated
Age - 20 - Single
!!*Nothing..be as you are..be uniquely you*!!
47 / 3.382
Age - 20 - Single
Trustworthy, sense of humor, smart, laid back, as long as your a good person and not stuck on yourself then i dont have any problems with you
167 / 6.964
Age - 18 - In a Serious Relationship
honest,....i hate liars, every girl i've ever gotten close to has managed to hurt me, faithful, funny, so cute its scary, lol. sexy, smary, playful, i could go on and on....
50 / 2.98
Age - 19 - Single
53 / 3.179
Age - 17 - Recently Dumped and horny
pretty, sweet, not a whore...lol, not too young, not conceited, isnt afraid to whoop a bitch's ass, lol jk

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