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Not Rated
Age - 18 - Single
funny, good looking, good personality, nice
355 / 6.922
Age - 16 - In a Serious Relationship
i look for a guy who is there for me when i need him,treat me wit respect isn't always leavin,supportive,it don't matter the looks to me it's the personality that counts,and i think that i have fnd he
51 / 2.352
Age - 25 - Single
good personality, sense of humor
Not Rated
Age - 19 - Single
54 / 3.046
165. damo01
Age - 20 - Single
Smart, healthy, funny, great smile
338 / 6.341
Age - 18 - Recently Dumped and horny
nice asss....
396 / 7.239
Age - 20 - In a Serious Relationship
53 / 2.688
168. lb1914
Age - 24 - In a Serious Relationship
52 / 4
169. goku123
Age - 19 - Undisclosed
128 / 6.480
Age - 21 - Single
really have no clue..just gotta be sexy
2798 / 6.741
171. Aliyabi
Age - 24 - Looking for casual fling
in the opposite sex I make sure they have a hot Girlfriend :P, for same sex willing to be open when with me fit and in shape andhave a great ass and chest
293 / 6.535
Age - 17 - Single
Good Looks are always a plus but not the nost important they have to have a good personality and not think that they are Gods gift and realize were all equal, and that were all different.

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