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Not Rated
Age - 27 - Single
new member
not special, just good and caring ma
61 / 9.352
Age - 24 - Single
47 / 8.723
Age - 26 - Single
Honesty , down to earth , caring and romantic
69 / 9.268
Age - 31 - Single
If you are active and have a good sense of humor we'll get along great. I'm the type of person who adapts easily to most situations. I have a passion for life and hope to find someone that feels the same way. I would prefer to find someone with similar interests. Someone who is nice, honest, friendly, sincere, and a genuinely open-minded man who wants all that a good friend and partner can give. I'm seeking for someone for a long term relationship that could lead to marriage if we are meant and able to work things out. I'm neither into games nor arrogance so if that's what you're about, pass me up.
Not Rated
Age - 18 - Undisclosed
Anybody who is down
22 / 8.863
Age - 26 - Undisclosed
26 / 8.307
Age - 34 - Single
i want my partner to be caring
192 / 9.302
Age - 20 - Single
Kind,loyal,true and a good lover
45 / 9.066
Age - 21 - Single
looking for handsome and cool playmate
37 / 9.297
Age - 21 - In an Open Relationship
Good look and hunk
49 / 9.061
Age - 30 - Undisclosed
Honesty, care and responsibility
94 / 9.393
Age - 31 - Single
51 / 9.225
Age - 22 - Single
well see about that??
82 / 9.402
Age - 21 - Single
2 / 10
15. dohdoh
Age - 29 - Undisclosed
just being a drama free women
32 / 9.281
Age - 21 - Undisclosed
36 / 6.666
17. rino34
Age - 34 - Single
honesty, faithfulness,loyalty
76 / 8.855
Age - 22 - Single
down to earth and genuine
61 / 8.803
19. samfry
Age - 20 - Single
I want someone who treats me like a a baby. But sometimes if I felt like going wild, I could be the wildest animal you’ll want to tame and pet. if your interested to me. . and wana give me a message. . feel free to do so. . . . . hope to here from you soon! ! !
63 / 9.119
Age - 22 - Single
I like to meet a person who is understanding. Broad minded and will give me a whole lot of fun. Specially, when Im in the mood for love. LOL! . I want a person who is nice to me. and in return ill give more than what he deserve. I love adventure, and I want a man who can drive my adventurous side. I also want someone who can tame my wild side. A man that can dictate me. But in a manly and gentle one. I want you! Yes! ! ! ! you! ! ! ! bet you could ride to my adventurous and drive my wild side? ? Then its you! ! ! Who deserve me, my love and more than you could think off! ! ! "

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