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61. Belin
Age - 36 - Single
Honest and Good Look,trustworthy,truthful
56 / 9.303
Age - 29 - Single
Understanding, Patience, Humor
78 / 9.25
Age - 24 - Single
Someone who drives me crazy but im crazy about both at the same time, but besides that nearly impossible objective.. a little bit of this a little bit of that. whatever! i'm up for it.
46 / 6.934
Age - 25 - Single
responsible, honest
60 / 8.95
Age - 25 - Single
54 / 8.685
Age - 35 - Single
some one with kind heart,loving ,who believe in love and affection
Not Rated
Age - 40 - Single
Honesty, Caring, Understanding
Not Rated
Age - 18 - Single
3 / 10
Age - 40 - Undisclosed
kind, funny and muscular
Not Rated
Age - 34 - Single
I want a man with heart and a good heart.
49 / 7.979
Age - 20 - Single
Im a girl seeking for love and hoping someday you can give that to me. Am looking for my man that means what he says and says what he feels. I want him to be outgoing, fun, likes to get dirty, tickles me all the time, gets affectionate anytime and anywhere, someone that is not afraid to kiss and cuddle me in public. Someone who knows what he wants out of life and how to get it.
Not Rated
Age - 23 - Single
down to earth and generous
Not Rated
Age - 23 - Single
sense of humour
56 / 9.339
Age - 24 - Single
I am looking for a long term relationship/marriage
2 / 9.75
Age - 19 - Single
49 / 9.275
Age - 24 - Single
nice guy who know how to take care a girl
81 / 9.296
Age - 29 - Single
I Would love to have a man who will be ready to love me and care for me , someone who knows how to treat a woman good and appreciates all the God Given Values in women , someone who wont just see women as the Mother of The Children alone but also as his best friend and close confidant ...A Honest, Caring , Generous , Understanding and Self Disciplined man who is willing to give it all in a Relationship ..A Self disciplined man who understands the basics of True Love and will never compromise anything for one...A Honest Man who wants to meet a Honest Woman with a Sincere Heart. Someone who gives women the deserved respect in a relationship...someone who will be ready to take me for who i am and will never compromise anything for the love
68 / 9.419
Age - 21 - Undisclosed
someone i can trust
95 / 9.221
Age - 29 - Single
Humble,Romantic,Caring,honest,trustworthy, down to earth Loyal..
50 / 8.47
Age - 22 - Single
no one in particular. i don't actively seek out others, but if others are willing to be brave enough to talk to me im more than willing to hold a conversation and forge new friendships. say hello! ^_^ .. and seriously.. say hello.. don't hesitate,i can go along with anybody.. life's to short to for me..and i want to enjoy it.. i loved funny people., seriously, i want a guy with sense of humor,a joker and can make me laugh 'til i got sick..hmmn uhm..can i ask you something?? can you be with me and make me feel how to enjoy this short life??

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